REPORTS (Urgent inspections by arrangement) Both non invasive and invasive inspections.

Non invasive pre-purchase inspections include:

  1. Index of report contents
  2. Property details and purchaser information
  3. Cera earthquake information
  4. Insurance documentation for transfer of insurance
  5. General Property Observations.
  6. Exterior of Dwelling details.
  7. Interior of Dwelling details
  8. Services in the property
  9. Garage and outbuilding details
  10. Room by room comments. Each room with separate section
  11. Conclusions & Settlement day Check List
  12. Full size photos and additional comments
  13. Statement of Terms and Conditions and constraints

'P' Lab Tests:

Testing for Meth-Amphetamine ('P' lab) residues for your rental property or for your new property purchase that may just save you $1,000's.

Insurance Inspections including:

Rebuild Cost Indication Analysis
Site slope details
Property W.O.F. including deferred maintenance
Earthquake Damage & Repair Check-ups

All reports are typed up at the property to ensure the reports contain the greatest degree of accuracy possible. All reports are prepared in accordance with NZS 4306:2005 voluntary standard for House Inspections.


Floors must have access + 350mm clearance.
Reports contain full page colour photos.

Floor Levels

Accuracy within 3mm
Floor layout plan marked out.
Corners and centre of room specified.
Any specific areas required are included.