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Max Aspinall - Naturopathic Nutritional Researcher

Cert A & P
Practitioner QRA, ERT HTMA

Specialist areas: Digestive tract IBS & IBD, Infections, Men's Health, Bites, Parasites, Candida, Scar tissue recovery, Longevity wellness, Implementing Nutritional Changes & Healing, Prostate Health, Natural Healing - Emotional/Trauma.


 QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis.                                                          

QRA is the most advanced method of measuring the energy output of the body, finding of interference that is the seat of wellness concerns. QRA works off the acupressure points and tests the foods or herbs that return the body to its full energy capability allowing the body to heal itself as nature intended.

QRA works with the bodies fragile energy levels related to all human conditions that depress our health. QRA is also used on family pets to help them recover from unknown conditions. Its a scientific process of ‘asking’ the body what it wants and needs to be able to recover.

 ERT - Emotional Response (re polarisation) Technique.                          

Often physical conditions are set off by hidden emotional issues that hold us back from finding our full potential good health and lifestyle. ERT works in conjunction with the QRA technique and is able to address many of these blockages.

ERT works with such issues as food allergies, addictions and weight management along with past traumas of things which we all have shied away from and buried often never forgiving ourselves or others who are important in our lives.


 HTMA Hair and Tissue Mineral Analysis                                                 

So many of us today have our bodies energies blocked by hidden toxic and heavy metals that arrive in our food and environment and which we can not avoid. These have serious negative impacts on our lives, wellbeing and longevity. HTMA we take a hair sample of cleaned hair with ceramic scissors which is sent to a world leading forensic and pathology laboratory who specialise in this area at the University of Perth in Western Australia. There the hair sample is analysed and we are provided with a detailed statement which also sets out the means by which we go about detoxify the body and removing the heavy metals.

 Clay Packing                                                                                      

Scar tissue be it from vaccination scars, cuts, surgery, muscle tear and organ damage can be addressed by Clay packing the site on the body of the damage and also using solar fusion infrared heating to open up the bodies tissue allowing the natural flow of body fluids through the tissue to ensure the skin and muscle tissue and organs are clean, healthy and remain functioning. This process can help re-start failed areas of the body were other treatments have failed and the client is looking at the drastic treatments of no return - surgery.

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